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Gate Welding



Our company focuses on Remote Site & Underground Construction, as well as Subterranean Research Projects.

Remote Site & Underground Construction

- Steelwork including Bat Gates for Mines and Caves.
- Abandoned Mine Site Remediation.

- Cave Trailing, Restoration, Signage & Site Access.
- Concrete & Masonry Projects.
- Heavy Equipment Earthwork Operations.
- General Contractor Licence (New Mexico)

Subterranean Science

- Subterranean Biological Surveys.
- Hydrologic and Geologic Inventories.
- Surface GIS & Underground Cartography.
- Historical, Archaeological, & Paleontological Surveys.
- Scientific Site Documentation in Print and Web formats.
- Cave & Kart System Resource Management.

Our team is unique in that we possess both Construction and Science skillsets. Based in Arizona, we have completed projects in many western states including Arizona, California, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Texas, Utah, and Washington.

From transporting thousands of pounds of steel structures via helicopter to remote mountain tops, to welding gates while on rope over an open mine shaft, our team has many unique skillsets that enable us to complete the most challenging of remote construction projects. We care about our workmanship and are passionate about the work that we complete.

We have extensive experience doing field research at caves, mines, and springs, where we have surveyed, inventoried, and documented thousands of sites throughout the western states. We have conducted bat surveys of over 2,000 mine features, and have conducted cave surveys and inventories of over 2,000 caves throughout the US and internationally.

All of our projects have been completed in a safe manner, on-time and within budget. By using our expertise in smart construction methodologies, in conjunction with subterranean science and resource management, we can offer smart and effective solutions to the most challenging of remote or underground project.

For further information, feel free to contact us at:

  MineGates Environmental, Inc.
1240 W Cougar Lane
Prescott, AZ 86303


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