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Biological Inventories

Many mines and caves are actively used by threatened and endangered species including bats, tortoises, birds and other small mammals. It is important to inventory these sites before initiating any closures that might adversely effect these species. We have also conducted detailed invertebrate inventories that have lead to the discovery of completely new species to science. Our team has surveyed thousands of features, and have produced many scientific reports documenting our work.

Hydrologic and Geologic Inventories

Our team has conducted scores of spring surveys in the western states. Our work has been focused on water chemistry and groundwater dependent ecosystem biology, including underwater biota. Much of this work has been related to cave and karst system hydrology.

Habitat & Site Restoration

An important aspect of abandoned mine remediation is restoring the site to a more natural state. We offer a variety of solutions to meet these needs as dictated by each specific project. In some cases we have completed mine closures where we have focused on protecting the historical character and look of the site.

Surface GIS & Underground Cartography

Our team is highly skilled in surface and underground site surveys, and integrating this data into computer based ArcGIS data sets or other digital data sets. Click on these PDF survey maps to see an example of past cartography projects. (Cave Mine & Cave of the Maya Steps). Our team has produced hundreds of detailed cave maps for a wide variety of projects in the US, Caribbean, and Central America.

Site Documentation in Print and Web formats

Presenting information in a understandable and usable format is critical in resource management. Our team is experienced in many forms of documentation including written, photography, video, animation, web, print and custom programmed interactive media.

Mine and Cave Gates

We have designed, manufactured and installed hundreds of gates for mines and caves. We have experience with a wide variety of gates including adit gates, cave gates, culvert gates, and plug gates. Most of our gates are bat friendly, though we have also installed plug gates at sites where there is no bat usage. We have over ten years experience in designing, manufacturing and installing gates for mines and caves. Our group has completed a variety of remote site gating projects on Private, State and Federal lands. From culvert and plug gates in mine adits to bat gates in caves, we craft secure and functional portals that are built to last. Our gates are constructed with quality workmanship and we use the latest and most appropriate materials and methods to complete the project.

All of our bat gates follow the standardized specifications of BCI (Bat Conservation International) and the ACCA (American Cave Conservation Association). Many of our gates designs are supportive to other small mammals and reptile usage. In some cases where there is no animal activity we have created sealed airflow gates that help conserve humidity levels, but still open and close for temporary human access.


Our training and certifications include BCI Bat Workshops, MSHA Mine safety, NCRC Cave Rescue, NSS Workshops, Full Cave NSS-CDS underwater diving certification, Hazmat, EMT-B, Radiological Monitoring Certification and extensive practical field experience. With thousands of hours of underground and underwater experience, our team has the knowledge and capabilities to complete your projects safely, on-time, and within budget.



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